Wormtown Music Festival is built on its volunteers. We love you, Worms and we appreciate your support! Volunteering can be an awesome way to see how a festival is run and be a part of making it happen! You also can meet wonderful people, learn things, and proudly act as an ambassador welcoming people home to WTMF, helping create a safe and fun experience for all!

Wormtown Music Festival volunteers earn a full weekend ticket with camping for their 12 volunteer hours and also receive a meal and water during their shift. As a welcome home bonus new this year all volunteers can arrive after 6pm on Thursday for free! (You may arrive anytime after gates open and pay the same Thursday earlyworm fee if you would prefer also!)

Things to know about volunteering

All volunteers must be 18+

Volunteers will primarily work outdoors, in all weather conditions, and may be asked to stand for extended periods of time.

If you have mobility needs please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

We expect you to take your job seriously. Not all jobs are always pleasant, but all are always important! When you work any job at our event you represent Wormtown and play a role in the safety & enjoyment of our attendees.

Your Shirt and Shoes must be worn at all times during your shift, if on the Parking team we need you to wear our safety shirt if given one. 

Being ready to safely work your shift includes being sober & well rested! 

Consider your schedule and act accordingly in the time before you start working.

We have many different jobs to complete at any part of the day; we put people to work where we need them. 

Please understand that you may be moved or reassigned and be flexible. 

Be prepared to work your shift by bringing:

Good Vibes and a Smile

Bug/Sun Spray or Lotion

Snacks & a Bottle of Water 

Any medicine or other items you will need 

Waterproof/Warm Layers or have some ready depending on conditions

A Flashlight, especially for overnight workers 

Wormtown Music Festival is built on its volunteers, you help us make it all happen!

We love you, Worms and we dearly appreciate your support!!

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