There’s no telling what you’ll see when you press “Play” on the long-awaited new EP from genre-smashing groove masters Soulive, but these five dynamic new tunes are guaranteed to turn the backs of your eyelids into a vibrant, action-packed movie screen. With Cinematics Vol. 1, the band transforms their infectious blend of soul-jazz, hip-hop, R&B, funk and rock into a series of soundtracks for the movies of your mind. Better yet, this initial volume is the first in a planned series of Cinematics EPs. With six long years having passed since the last time the three members of Soulive entered a studio together, fans will no doubt be excited to learn that there’s plenty of new music expected from guitarist Eric Krasno, drummer Alan Evans and keyboardist Neal Evans for the foreseeable future.

All three members have kept quite busy in their time apart from Soulive. Alan Evans runs his own studio Iron Wax in Western Massachusetts, while touring with Matador! Soul Sounds, a band that he formed with guitarist Eddie Roberts from The New Mastersounds. Eric Krasno released a critically acclaimed solo album, Blood From A Stone, in 2016 and produced records for Aaron Neville, London Souls and Marcus King among others. Neal Evans has worked on film and television scores, as well as being an in-demand keyboardist both in the studio and on the road for a number of high profile artists. Despite the time apart pursuing individual endeavors, when the band reconvened in Al Evans’ Iron Wax studios in late 2017, they quickly gelled, calling upon the thousands of hours they’ve spent playing music together since Soulive’s inception in 1999. Arriving without any overarching concept in mind, they each brought a few loosely-sketched ideas and fleshed them out together.