Something Is Forming

A Tribute to Max Creek

Founded in 2018 by Chris Andrews (Desert Rain, Brothers Donovan, CAB, etc.) and John Spignesi, (The John Spignesi Band) “Something is Forming: A Tribute to Max Creek” aims to gather musicians who all share a common love of this legendary group. Creek has been around since 1971, a long time for a band to be together. They have given us so much, now it’s our turn to celebrate them and spread their music far and wide.

Chris Andrews (Desert Rain/Sticky Greens)
Steve Cutler (Desert Rain/John Kneeland Band)
Jeff King (The Kings)
Chris Ottaviano (Chachi & the International Players/Phunky Autokratz)
Steve Provost (Jeremiah Hazed)
John Spignesi (John Spignesi Band)