Hello Friends!


We hope your summer is going swimmingly.. we’re back into our fesitval planning after a great (and GRATEFUL!) weekend in Chicago where we loved meeting so many old and new friends! Even basketball hall of famer, Bill Walton, stopped by the booth.



We’re thrilled to announce our really-darn-near-complete lineup for this year’s Wormtown Music Festival… check it out the new additions: www.WormtownMusicFestival.com/2015-lineup. We’re getting very excited as things come together, and hope you can join us in September!

Meanwhile, we continue to ask for your support for our brother and friend Chris (you may likely know him as ‘Longhair’) Boulton, who is just starting his battle against cancer, and we want to make sure he wins and does not struggle alone! Longhair has been a key member of the Wormtown crew for many years now, prepping before shows and helping things run smoothly during them, and he has been on the crew of many other festivals as well… you’ve probably enjoyed the fruits of his labor over the years. Send some love his way if you can! www.gofundme/com/helplonghair

Also… are ya going to ALLGOOD? If so, swing by the Wormtown booth and say hello! We LOVE seeing our friends out ‘on the road’! You can certainly pick up a Wormtown Festival ticket there too… just sayin’.

Play safe and live it up, amigos, the season is in full swing!

The Worms