Purveyors of a Genre and a Way of Life,
Max Creek Celebrates 40+ Years
They Made It Through the Seventies, and They’re Still Going.

Calling Elvis>> I want to Die Easy>> Cities from Max Creek on Vimeo.

Max Creek is a living, breathing historical study in a hugely significant yet too-oft overlooked American subculture: the jam band.
Creek guesses they’ve performed nearly 3,000 times over their forty+ years together. A true jam band, Max Creek and its fans know that the truest experience is the live show. During their long history, they’ve played some out of this world shows in some out of this world venues, and this year they return to the StrangeCreek Campout!

Max Creek has never played without a rubber duck somewhere on stage, usually on the bass amp.

Glide Magazine writer Shane Handler got it right when he issued high praise for Max Creek saying “Bands like Phish, moe., Blues Traveler, the Disco Biscuits and others are the trees in Max Creek’s seeds of a thriving Northeast music scene that encourages live risk taking on stage and playing according to the feel of the present moment.”